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Stay Smart With Art

Stay Smart With Art is a free program geared for adults.   Classes are offered four times a year with a focus on different art forms.  The classes are geared to introduce adults to both appreciate and understand the process of how some of the different art forms are created and to inspire them to create their own.  The goal is to make it a comfortable and fun atmosphere where learning something new is not intimidating.  SSWA teachers hope the classes will inspire students to continue on their own journey of creativity. 

Classes are FREE and supplies are provided.  At this time, class size is limited to 15 students.  You will need to register.  Each class below has a button you can click to register online for that specific class.  When the class size reaches 15, a waitlist will be created.  When there is an opening, you will be notified.

You will see below that this inaugural year will provide some interesting experiences. 
Hope everyone enjoys the opportunities!

SSWA Autumn Aspens

"Cool off in August with Autumn Aspens in Acrylics"

August 19, 2021

Learn to paint like a pro with sponges, rollers and paint pens!  Take home a finished canvas painting in under 2 hours!  Your instructor will be Cheri Smith. 

Click the link below to register.  When a new page opens, click the "Register Now" button on the right and follow the directions.

Stay Smart With Art - 8/19/2021

About Cheri Smith

Cheri Smith has had an artistic and creative career for more than 50 years.  She owned and designed in her three flower shops in Virginia and Santa Fe, NM, and has done floral work for the Reagan era White House and several movie stars.  After a work-related accident in 2000, she shifted her creativity from flowers to 'art' and began illustrating children's books and doing murals with fantasy themes.  Her professional signature, 'The FaeryPaynter', derived by combining her maiden name, Payne, with the Gaelic word 'faery', can be found in 7 states and 4 galleries from New England to Florida and across Arizona and New Mexico.  While she has lived in 17 states, an abiding love for the Southwest has brought her back out West and to Nevada and the Virgin Valley Artists' Association.  She currently lives in Mesquite and rents studio space through the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery.

"Rainbow Acrylic Abstract"

October 7, 2021

This art project is done with acrylic paints on a black canvas board .  There are no brushes.  It is fun and easy and best of all, you are pleasantly surprised at the end result.  You can decide which way you want to display it, as it is an abstract and every way is the right way!  Your instructor will be Loesje Lindberg. 

Click the link below to register.  When a new page opens, click the "Register Now" button on the right and follow the directions.

Stay Smart With Art - 10/7/2021

About Loesje Lindberg

My name is Loesje Lindberg.  I am new to the Mesquite Community.  I was so very excited to find such a wonderful Artist community here in Mesquite.  The Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery is such a gem.  Seeing all the wonderful works here, has definitely inspired me to pick up my paints and camera again.  I love to paint with oils as well as acrylics.  I also design jewelry and am currently excited about composing more exciting photographs.

"Doodle Art"

January 13, 2022

Doodling is a relaxing form of art that is basically repeating patterns and applying to a section of art.  Doodlilng is also known by so many other names (some are trademark names).  You do not need to be an artist nor do you need to have a steady hand.  Allow your inner weirdness to come out in your creation.  We will learn how to block out sections of your design and some patterns that can be applied to your creation.  Your family and friends will stare at your creation s they admire the detail of each section.  Your instructor will be Joyce Redweik.

Click the link below to register.  When a new page opens, click the "Register Now" button on the right and follow the directions.

Stay Smart With Art - 1/13/2022

About Joyce Redweik

When I am asked what kind of artist I am, I respond that I am a doodler. Then I am asked what is a doodler? I explain that it is line art that is repeating patterns and allowing your pen to go wherever you feel. The art form is also known as tangling or the trademark name Zentangle. I love it because most people at one time doodle and little did they know that they can turn their doodles into art. I have doodled for about 5 years and it is a relaxing form of art. Some of my art cards are originals, and some are prints of larger works. I also like photography and have made a few cards from the photos I like. I think cards are fun because they are little pieces of art.  I also like to experiment with other art forms and some that can be turned into cards. When somebody purchases any of my art it is huge compliment to me to know that my art brought a smile to someone’s face.

"Salt Dough Wreaths"

April 21, 2022

Salt dough art using hand mold and cookie cutters to make a darling 6 inch wreath.  The dough will be colored so there isn’t any painting, just your creativity using and embellishing dough cut with cookie cutters or hand rolling shapes.  We hopefully will complete your design but then it needs to either be taken home to slowly bake it in your oven or let it air dry until hard.  These are sample designs but feel free to make yours unique.  Your instructor will be Wendy Douglas.

Click the link below to register.  When a new page opens, click the "Register Now" button on the right and follow the directions.

Stay Smart With Art - 4/21/2022

About Wendy Douglas

My name is Wendy Douglas and I grew up with a mother who had a lot of ideas and very little money so I learned to create on a shoestring.  I have been mixing up, molding up and designing salt dough and other clay creations since 1971.  I have made everything from character jewelry pieces to family portraits from the salt dough medium.  Every year for the past 30 years I’ve made ornaments for a charitable organization based in Montana.  I also enjoy working in fabric arts, quilting, pyrography, and watercolor painting.

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This project is funded, in part, by a grant from the Nevada Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.