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2024 Gallery Artists of the Month

Most months, we showcase one of our Outstanding Artists in the Mesa Gallery.  We also feature their story with pictures of some of their art here on this page.    Please stop by and see their work on display.                   
Here are this year’s Artists:

 Janet Trobough                
 Joyce Redweik
 February    Randy Bauman    July
   Mike Fletcher
 March    Pam Jacobson    October     Joy Lamb
 May    Floyd Johnson  

Many viewers interpret my artwork's vibrant abstract images as expressing a particular feeling or a meaningful event. When asked what the source of my inspiration is? The answer is always the same; "The images and colors do not come from me, but rather through me. It is a gift from a higher power, a collective energy that comes from the universe depicting the reality of a life source."

Often, I will slip away quietly to be alone in the morning to meditate and contemplate the following piece images. Colors begin coming to my mind, but once I start to work, the painting takes on a life of its own. The only thing that remains the same is when I finish the colors. If my viewers are reminded of an experience or moved by what they see, they have received the intended gift.

My work includes watercolors and acrylics. Some paintings are intended as serene landscapes or skylines in soft tones that are soothing to the eye and spirit. I paint what I see and feel. The love of nature is evident in my work, but true artistic passion is expressed in abstraction.

Mike Fletcher